Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Open Letter

Sam Fuller makes his home in Point Loma, CA where he is a scholar in resident at PLU. Sam has authored numerous tweets and is the former admin for "Barrett, The Honors College" facebook page. You can follow him on twitter @MeSamPlzRetweet.


An issue has been weighing heavily on my heart of late, and that is the issue of the mistreatment of our fine Desert Vista students. As we celebrate this September 11th and remember those that perished in the chaos of two collapsing World Trade Centers, we seem to forget those going through real hardship, the students at Desert Vista High School. I awoke this morning and checked CNN to see a front page littered with "9/11 remembrance" stories. But as I checked twitter, I realized that a true travesty was occurring beneath our very noses. Hundreds of Desert Vista students are currently being forced to endure a SECOND day without power supplied to the school, and another day without proper air conditioned halls. How this story was passed up in favor of an event that happened 12 YEARS ago frankly blows my mind. This is comparable to the media ignoring the events in Syria, and is a completely unacceptable case of lackluster journalism. So, out of respect to the Desert Vista students that were trapped in a sweltering heat of 91 degrees Fahrenheit, I humbly request that tonight, at Veritas a candlelight vigil would be held to honor those who instead of learning, were FORCED play heads up 7 up, and talk with friends.
Thank you for your time, Never forget. 9/11/13.
P.S. Please print out the attached poster and hang them up around town to raise awareness for our students

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